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“Everything is as it should be, and it’s retained the qualities that we love about our house.”
Peter & Sally, Karori

Peter & Sally, Karori

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Why Did You Want Double Glazing?

One of the areas in our home was already double glazed so we could feel the difference, and on some days we would get heavy condensation in the rest of the house. We realised that double glazing is just what you have to do if you want to keep a warmer home and save on heating bills. There was really no point in putting it off, and it will always add value if we ever sell our house.

Why Did You Choose Wellington Double Glazing?

It was critical that we stayed true to the style of our home, particularly the wooden frames and leadlight windows. So when choosing which company to go with, we had quite a robust process. We contacted a number of companies, asked them to come around to provide quotes, and then made notes on all of the options. We were looking at four different proposals, and most of them were really good, but no one gave us the feeling of full confidence that we were making the right decision with our money. There were still aspects we felt unsure about, particularly around the process, as it’s all actually quite complicated for someone who hasn’t done it before.

Our friend then recommended Wellington Double Glazing, as they had worked on her house. We called them up as a last-minute addition, and as soon as they visited we finally felt like all of our uncertainties were answered. Even before they’d measured anything, we knew that these were the guys we wanted to work on our home. The way they do most of the work on-site was a big selling point too, because you can always see exactly what’s happening, and having the windows come back into the house each day lets you feel like you’re still living in your own home!

What Was the Process?

We decided to do a two-step process, so we could see what it was like. We started with a couple of windows in our study, and it went so smoothly that we soon said, “Please carry on!” You can imagine how having your windows taken out could have been really stressful, but it was just so easy. The process was utterly straightforward, and went exactly as the guys described. At every stage we got good explanations of what was happening, and it all happened quickly. Importantly, the guys were really pleasant to have around. They were efficient, cleaned up every day, and we were never made to feel like we were in their way. Then when they finished, they followed up to check that we were all happy too.

What’s the Outcome Been for You?

Now we have no condensation at all, and you can feel that it’s drier and retains more heat overnight so you don’t get that really cold chill in the mornings. We’ve also had compliments from visitors, especially about how well it fits into the style of our home. It’s all the original wood, and the leadlights look fantastic – you have to look very closely to tell that they are double-glazed. Everything is as it should be, and it’s retained the qualities that we love about our house.

What Would You Say to Others?

Our impression is that they really listen to what their customer wants, and speak in a way that makes total sense. We felt comfortable about the process, and we got exactly what was promised. For anyone who’s looking at getting double glazing, there are a number of factors that go into it, but in terms of value for your money we can’t imagine anyone else doing better. The whole team was outstanding, and they deserve our thanks!


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