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The Science of Double Glazing

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What is Double Glazing?

Double glazing is made from two pieces of glass sealed together with an air space between. A double glazed window sits in your frame just as single glazing would, but provides a number of extra benefits. See our benefits page.

Clear glass accounts for less than 5% of a window’s insulation, the rest is being supplied by the air layers on either side of the glass.

Since the heat flow resistance of still air is much greater than that of glass, a glass unit made from two panes, enclosing an air space will have about twice the insulation value. Double glazed units provide insulation to windows and doors of a building like fiber-glass batts insulation to a wall, helping you to maintain a consistent in-home temperature throughout the year.

The Bit in the Middle

Warm Edge Technology is a term that has evolved as a result into IGU spacer systems which break the thermal bridge at the transition of the glass and frame edge. These less conductive spacers allow the IGU to have a perimeter edge which is warmer than a conventional aluminum spacer. This warm edge, comprising 50-60mm of an IGU perimeter, results in the glass surface being warmer in winter, which in turn means the IGU performs more efficiently and less condensation occurs.

Permanent Draught Seals

Our Permanent Draught Seals are designed to offer an affordable solution to keep your home warmer. Designed for timber-framed windows and doors.

They maximise your current window and door frame’s thermal insulation by eliminating cold airflow into your home. Combined with retro-fit double gazing our draught seals provide the ultimate in heat retention for your timber windows and doors.

Benefits included: Eliminate draughts, improvement of heat insulation, improvement of sound insulation, and improvement in weather tightness.



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