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“Overall I’m really thrilled. I think the job is absolutely fantastic, and I love the finished product.”
Robyn, Northland
Why Did You Want Double Glazing?

For starters, having wraparound glass meant it was really cold inside. As soon as the sun would go behind the Karori hills each night, the temperature would absolutely crash. The bifold windows were quite leaky too, so when it was windy dust would go everywhere.

Why Did You Choose Wellington Double Glazing?

I know the benefits of double glazing, so I thought I might as well just do it. I was having some painting done, and my painter mentioned that if I wanted a quality result I should get in touch with Wellington Double Glazing. He had worked with them before, and having someone I trusted recommending them was a great connection for me.

What Was the Process?

It was all pretty straightforward. I rang up, then Brian and Simon came around and provided a quote. It turned out to be around the numbers I was expecting, so I went ahead. We did most of the house, including the master bedroom, office, living areas and kitchen.

During the job, when the guys checked the glass there was a small issue with some of it. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it to be honest, but they said they weren’t happy with it so they had it replaced. They communicated with me about it well, and it didn’t hold up the process too much. It speaks to the quality of their service, and that means a lot – especially for someone like me who didn’t speak all the specific joinery language. It really let me know that I could totally trust them to do a great job.

What’s the Outcome Been for You?

Everyone was telling me how great it would be to finally have double glazing, but I couldn’t quite picture what it would be like. It really is wonderful. What I’ve actually noticed most are the things I don’t have to worry about so much. The heat stays in the house even after the sun goes down, so I just don’t need to rush to get the heater on, and there’s absolutely no dust or condensation to deal with. It’s the little things that make a difference – I realised the other day that although it’s winter I still have my summer duvet on the bed! Even closing the windows is a great feeling because you get that proper snug seal.

What Would You Say to Others?

I’d say just get the guys around and have a chat. They’re nice people who made me feel comfortable, and they’re really straight talkers. I liked how the people who first came to talk with me actually worked on the job too.

Overall I’m really thrilled. I think the job is absolutely fantastic, and I love the finished product. It’s also been complemented by the quality painting I got afterwards, and people who visit are really wowed by the windows.


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