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“The perfect solution for replacing single glazing with double glazing in wooden windows and doors.”

How It Works

The Retro Fit Process

Retro-fit double glazing is the process of replacing your existing single glazing with insulating double glazing. The process is quick and unobtrusive. The only difference you will notice is a more comfortable temperature in your home, all year round.

“Double glazing can significantly reduce heat loss, and make for a warmer, quieter, safer home for you and your family.”
Wooden Joinery

If your home has wooden windows and doors, we are able to modify the frames and fit new double glazed units in them. This procedure will not change the appearance or style of your home.

Wellington Double Glazing also offers permanent draught seals for maximum insulation, plus a complete warrant of fitness for your windows and doors including a replacement service if required.



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